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Hollow Metal Frames, Hollow Metal Doors, Wood Doors and Complete Hardware M&D Door and Hardware is the premier supplier of the highest quality products. In addition to all the brand name doors, M&D also manufacturers our own OEM brand of metal doors, including:

Our M-Built doors for standard installations, M-Bossed for a distinctive embossed design, and M-Guard where added security is required.

Our products range from metal doors and frames to access doors, security doors and stainless steel doors. We can custom build any solution to meet your unique door and hardware needs with a fast three-day turnaround.

Our products include:

  • Metal Doors
  • Metal Frames
  • Wood Doors
  • Hardware
  • Access Doors
  • Acoustical Doors
  • Security Doors
  • Stainless Steel Doors
  • Vision Light
  • Louvers
  • Bathroom Partitions

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M&D Door and Hardware is the premier supplier of hollow metal doors and frames, custom wood doors, aluminum frames, FRP doors, and hardware, on the east coast.
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